Nothing is better than a faster internet in 2020. Everyone loves a fast internet connection. But how to speed up the internet? How to improve internet speed? Well, read this article till the end and we are sure you will improve your internet speed.

Before reading this article you have to check your internet plan with your internet service provider. Sometimes you are just stuck with poor speed because of your internet plan. By the end of this article, you will be able to increase your wifi speed.How to make internet fast for free

These methods are very practical and you would be able to enjoy a faster internet connection in no time!

Check the following method and try them to see which of the following methods will make your internet speed faster.

Reset your router

reset router to get fast internet

Sometimes using a router for a prolonged period of time make your internet connection slow in spite of having a faster internet connection. Reset your router frequently if you face serious drops in your internet connection.

Restart your modem if you are using one also this might be a quick fix but will not increase any speed if you have a slow connection in the first place.

Using Ethernet for faster internet speed – Speed up internet fast

using ethernet to get faster internet

How to make the internet faster? Well, the best and highly recommended method is to use an ethernet cable and avoid using wifi. Wifi speeds can drop due to various factors and can be slow due to a crowded channel or bad positioning of the router.

Ethernet can be bought from your local stores and are easily available on the internet moreover, ethernet also helps in reducing the buffer time drastically. It also makes the download and upload speeds faster.

Which devices support Ethernet?

how to use ethernet on mobile

  • Laptops
  • PCs
  • Gaming console – PlayStation, Xbox
  • Any device with an ethernet port

Using ad blocker to speed up the internet connection

1gbps internet speed test

The ad takes a lot of your internet juice to load. This makes your internet speed slower and blocking them using some ad blocker can surely your speed faster. You would be surprised to see how many options are available for you to block ads on the internet.

However, blocking ads affects the revenue of people and is not ethical to do so. Blocking Youtube ads affects the revenue of the content creators. Getting a better internet provider

Getting a faster internet provider

excitel fast internet plans

There are a lot of internet providers in the market. This is no trick to get a faster internet but a piece of advice that would help you in the long run. Cheaper and way faster options are available.

Check this internet provider with cheap and fast internet plans – click here

Use google and search for the local internet service provider. Getting a new internet connection should be the last option. This will improve your internet speed

Reposition your router – Speed up your WiFi

get faster wifi for free

Are you getting slow download or upload speed because of weak signals? The best way to solve this problem is to reposition an internet router. Placing it near your devices or at the center of your house is the best to get faster wifi speeds.

If your house is big and repositioning is not helping, consider buying a WiFi extender. These things come in handy when you want to increase the range drastically without affecting the speed.


how to get fast internet for free

Why is my internet so slow?

Check with your internet service provider and find out your plan. If you have a fast internet plan and still getting a slower speed, file a complaint, and get help from your isp.

How can I speed up my internet for free?

Restart your router. Use ethernet. Clear cache. Some or other methods would cause your internet speed to jump.

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